JK 1941 Hood Blackout Decal

  • JK 1941 Hood Blackout Decal

Black out the center of your JK (2007-2018) (Stock) Hood.

(Cut from 3M 1080 Series Matte Black Wrap Film)*

*Please contact us for custom colors. Since this is different material than our normal decals, we need to price it for you prior to ordering.


1. Remove Hood insulation, rubber bumpers, footman loop, and washer fluid nozzles.

2. Using a couple drops of clear dish soap in a spray bottle of clean water, soak the area for application.

3. Peel decal from backer, apply and align, and as carefully and completely as possible push out fluid with a lint free cloth.

If you wrinkle or crease the vinyl, don't worry, heat will cause it to spring back to its original smoothness. Be VERY careful how much heat you use, because you can overheat the material past it's memory point.

4. Using a sharp utility knife, carefully cut away access holes for reinstalling the bumpers and washer nozzles. This does not need to be perfect, you esentially need to just puncture the material with an "X" to allow the parts to reinstall.

5. Reinstall washer nozzles, bumpers, and hood insulation.

6. Allow to dry thouroughly before driving the vehicle.

Disclaimer: This decal is MODERATELY DIFFICULT to install. I accept no liability for you ruining your decal during installation and will not replace them when you do. If you don't think you have it in you, take the decal to a local sign shop and they will likely help you out for a reasonable price.

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